Thursday 18 September 2014


  • Vanessa Banks

    Let Brittany Lee Be Your Motivation

    Meet Brittany Lee, born a brunette and raised as pure flair. She resides in Moline, Illinois aka the Quad Cities, where her fame is still felt at home and stays humble with her developed image.

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  • tabs-3

    The heterodox analogy known as Lina Margarita

    Gentleman! Meet Lina Margarita, born in Cartagena, Colombia and coming to New Jersey about 10 years ago for modeling. “I have always had a passion for modeling. 

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  • Kailiyah Rey

    You are beautiful inside and out!

    Meet the definition of European-French chic, Noemie Tremblay, who hails from Quebec City, Canada. She started modeling at 4 years ago and won the national level in the Fitness division.

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    The Eulogize of Tawny Jordan Ring

    Tawny Jordan Ring is from Peoria, Illinois, currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. She got into modeling when a photographer from Peoria decided he wanted to do a shoot. 

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  • Natalia LaLonde

    Gem Of The Week | Natalia LaLonde

    Gem Of The Week | Natalia LaLonde - was born in Turkey, lived in Tunis, Tunisia; Bangkok, Thailan; Hanoi, Vietnam; Traverse City, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  • Remy Lee

    Gem Of The Week | Remy Lee

    Gem Of The Week - Remy Lee is an up and coming model specializing in glamour, lingerie and swimwear. Her outstanding work has been highly acclaimed and praised by many professional photographers and models.

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  •  Monica Contreras

    Gem Of The Week | Monica Contreras

    Gem Of The Week | Standing at just five feet tall, little Monica Contreras is all woman. She is of Brazilian and Salvadoran descent and she is fluent in both Spanish and English. Her photos prove to be versatile and oh so sexy.

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  • Gem Of The Week | Franchesca Del Carpio

    Gem Of The Week | Franchesca Del Carpio

    Gem of the Week | Franchesca Del Carpio is a model out of Orange County, CA. Her background consists of Colombian, Peruvian and Italian roots... This part time gogo dancer

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  • Jewel of the Month | Tatiana Polo - Los Angeles

    This month's "Jewel" is from Venezuela now calling Los Angeles home. Tatiana Polo has a ton of looks with a sexuality that is hard to ignore.

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  • Jewel of the Month | Rebeca Campelo - Brazil

    This month's "Jewel" is Brazilian model - Rebeca Campelo. A gorgeous model, some simple outfits, and well - a camera.

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  • Jewel of the Month | Marina Romanova - Ukraine

    Her name: Marina Romanova. Her nationality: Ukrainian. Her Beauty: Undeniable. She has worked with photographers delivering outstanding images...

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  • Jewel of the Month | Liz Cruz - Atwater, CA

    This month's "Jewel" is from Atwater, California - Elizabeth Cruz..

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Opulent Exposure | Anthony Winters


Opulent Exposure - Photographer

alt Our Opulent Exposure featured photographer and HTM Contributor Anthony Winters Fotografia.

Anthony Winters is a NYC Metro based fashion photographer with a passion for capturing images that convey the emotion, drama and complexity of life.


Gulf Dream: The Maybach 62S


Design - Vehicles

altWith its stunning white paintwork and massively powerful engine, the superlative Maybach 62 uber-limo has been given a more sporting makeover whilst retaining its fabulous luxury amenities. Ian Kuah drives this palace on wheels in its natural home, the Emirate of Dubai.


Seize sur Vingt at Fred Segal


Design - Fashion


Shopping for Fred Segal, HTM popped by the Seize sur Vingt event to take a peek at the new Fall/Winter 2011 collection of bespoke shirts made of amazing feeling Italian fabrics… Fun detail to note?


Interplanetary Ambassador of Funk Rock Psychedelic ft. Moonshyne Brown


Music - Rock Star Revolt



The Miami native with a creative talent that is illuminating pass the entertainment industry and society stigma, as he infuses his blackness with rock!