Wednesday 17 September 2014

Ripped and Ready featuring Amy Pierro


Models - Interviews



The first snow of the season has just begun to fall as I sit down to write. The snow doesn’t gradually grow in intensity; it simply appears and blankets all. Dexter is on the television and I am contemplating what to eat. Please don’t make a wild connection between my hunger and a cable series about a serial killer. This just happens to be the order of events.

On my computer screen is the interview I did with the sexy and ripped Amy Pierro. Her body is the definition of tight and fit. I’m not sure but I get the feeling I couldn’t outdo her in anything physical but I do know I’d enjoy trying.


“Your body is insanely ripped. How hard are your workouts?” I wonder. “I workout every day which usually consists of weight training; I do mix in a lot of cardio to keep my body lean. The workouts are pretty intense… I do my best to push myself as much as possible. Typically I'll get on my stair master for 50-60 minutes 3 times a week and I also really enjoy running outside.” Innocently I ask, “Are you what they call a hard body?”  "Lol… yea I guess that's one way to describe me. ha! That's always been my goal… to keep a nice lean hard body.  I don't want to be too muscular and lose my femininity so I try to float somewhere in the middle of having tight/toned muscles and curves."

Amy grew up with the cold winters of Andover, Massachusetts so it’s only fitting that it snow heavy in honor of New England winter. She no longer has to deal with the cold; “Currently I live in Highland Beach, FL not far from Miami.”

“The majority of my family is Italian and we’re the typical warm loving family that loves to eat…a lot. Lol. My family has been in the restaurant business for years so food is always the big emphasis around…well pretty much every occasion!” Guess who’s coming to dinner Ms. Pierro.

“I was a Bridal Consultant for a number of years and then became a clothing buyer for a women’s contemporary boutique.  I’m a fashion nut (of course what girl isn’t) so this was a dream job for me at the time. The bridal industry was a great experience.  That was probably the most emotionalenvironment I’ve ever put myself in…oh my,” she tells me. “My formerboss/colleagues would say that I kept people calm and my laid back personality seemed to be a good match for the otherwise frazzled and nervous bride to beand their neurotic wedding parties. Sorry that was probably rude. ;-)  Moving on to managing a clothing store is where I really came in to my own.  Buyingtrips brought me into New York Cityseveral times a year.  It was at the fashion piers there each season where I was able to get a behind the scenesglimpse of lines from some of my favorite designers… I was in heaven.  The city also allowed me to be myself, find my own style, and mature as a young woman.”

Every model has distinct attributes that separate them from other models. “I can’t say that this is unique to me but I do feel as though I have a level head about the modeling industry. I take it seriously and I’m competitive, however, I don’t let it rule my mood or mindset.  Modeling can be very frustrating so I do everything I can to have fun with it and use it to my advantage regardless of whether or not the images get published anywhere.”

I like a girl who can separate her career from her personal life no matter how demanding. Is it hard for Amy? “Just being that my career isoften times very consuming. I travel a lot so I don’t always get the time I’d like to spend with the people I care about. The ones who are closest to me know that health/fitness is a passion and lifestyle of mine, so fortunately, they have an understanding for what I do.”

Fitness came before modeling for Amy. “I have always beenathletic and once I started weight training and reading the fitness magazines Iquickly developed an interest for modeling.” She had one major influence, “Monica Brandt... such an incredible role model for aspiring female fitness models.  I have since had the pleasure ofmeeting and getting to know her a bit... definitely a beautiful person both inside and out.”

What motivates Amy? “Life motivates me.  Everything I see around me on a daily basis,whether negative or positive, fuels me to keep going after what I want and inthe direction I want to go in.” She currently works with BSN, a sports supplement company she has work in sales with for the past four years. “I’vebeen so blessed to establish a career with them that I can’t imagine working withanyone else in the industry.” Amy is now a BSN Corporate Account Supervisor.


There have been some personal benefits since becoming amodel. “I can say that I am not as critical of myself now. Modeling has given me more confidence,” she reveals. What kind of girl was Amy growing up? “I loved sports, the outdoors, animals…a bit of a tom boy actually. Lol… I was very active. Not one to sit inside and play with dolls that’s for sure. Sandbox, mud pies, dirt bikes... that was me."

Can’t work all the time with no play; so where does Amy go to just be a lady.  “New York for shopping... Miami and Vegas for clubbing.  North End ofBoston for some of the best Italian food on earth…aside from my Dad’s of course. Lol.”


Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.  “I would give anything to see people take all of the energy they put out to hate, criticize, envy, and judge others…into loving, accepting, admiring, and appreciating others for who theyare.  It’s a simple thing people can find every day...kindness of heart.  Not that hard.” 


She is an attractive woman so I imagine how I would approach her. “Do you find that men are intimidated by your level of fitness?” “You know I haven't really dealt with that too much because most of the people I interact with on a regular basis are into fitness. I get comments here and there from guys asking how much I squat or if  I want to arm wrestle... lol.”


“What’s the worse thing I could do to you on a date?” “One of my biggest pet peeves is if a guy is texting on his cell phone.  I understand an important biz call or something but otherwise I find it irritating and extremely rude.” Well people if I don’t answer your text I may be with Amy.